Every one of our consulting attorneys, CPAs & ex IRS Agents has over 25 years of professional experience!

We believe that no firm has more experienced professionals to assist our clients than we do!

Once You Experience The Lance Wallach Advantage You Won't Need To Look Anywhere Else for Help

  • Litigation Consulting
  • Case Evaluation
  • Evidence Review and Forensic Analysis
  • Active Litigation: Rebuttal Witness
  • Pension & Benefit Pan Fraud
  • IRS Audit Assistance
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Stock Market, Mutual Fund & Insurance Loss Recovery
  • ​Retirement Plan Lawsuit


Get to know the real truth behind your investment and what you can do to defend yourself. 




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Lance's expertise extends to many areas such as:

The Millennium Plan
SADI Trust
The Beta Plan
PAC Life
Compass Welfare Benefit Plan
Sea Nine VEBA
Professional Benefits Trust (PBT)
Insurance Companies
and most other similar 412i retirement plans and 419 welfare benefit plans
Retirement Plan Lawsuits

The Lance Wallach advantage is credibility, experience and trust!
Why go to the students for your financial solutions when you can go directly to the one who taught them?

Lance Wallach wrote the books on life insurance as well as financial and estate planning that the accountants 
and other consultants learned from!

For the past 25 years, successful businesses and individuals have turned to Lance Wallach and his team of accountants, attorneys, ex-IRS agents, and financial experts for assistance, and they are glad they did!

Each year millions of Americans face the Internal Revenue Service in some kind of adversarial exchange. 

We offer personal service that will quickly and efficiently assist you with your financial needs

We help provide consulting, reviews, and research to help benefit you personally.

Solve your irs problems



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